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Stall Drapes for Horse Shows

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Triple Wave Valances

Email us with your specifications if you want a custom design.
Triple Valances to Match Stall Curtains

Going from show to show, setting up and competing, then taking down and packing up, it can all add up to a lot of running. When you’re in the middle of this whirlwind, it helps to know that, no matter where you are, your tent display and barn stall look professional and attractive.

With TackTrunk’s triple wave valance, you’ll have a display that’s quick and easy to set up and will look good show after show.

Details Make the Difference

When you’re designing a great display for your horse show or competition, don’t forget that details can make or break your setup.

With our triple-wave valance, you can add true elegance and drama to your tent display.

A triple-wave valance is a good choice if you want to pack light but still make an impact when you arrive. You might have thought about bringing a show banner but decided that it was too big.

Design it Your Way

Choose your wave pattern. You can design the wave pattern for your valance. We offer a rounded edge or a pointed edge. Both will look great. It’s a matter of personal preference which one you choose. In both styles, you get the same ability to customize with background and color trim.

Select your background color. Choose from a huge variety of Sunbrella colors. This fabric comes in a huge selection of show-ready colors like Capri Blue, Jockey Red, Nutmeg, Natural, Cassis, Aspen, and many others.

Choose trim colors. Those same great colors are available as trim colors and you can really get creative because with our triple-wave balance, you can choose not one but two trim colors.

Add name, logo, and art. Add our beautiful horse stock art to your triple-wave valance or send us your artwork for a quote.

Imagine how great your valance is going to look when you set it up on your display.

We have your size. Our triple-wave valances come in 6-foot, 8-foot, 10-foot, 12-foot, and 17-foot sizes.

Why Choose our Triple-Wave Valance?

When you walk around a show and see great-looking stalls and barns, do you wish yours could look like that? These setups are eye-catching and colorful.

A dressed-up stall or barn conveys professionalism and pride in what you do. As a competitor, you want your displays to reflect that. With TackTrunk accessories, even a small stable can make an unforgettable impression.

If you’re trying to attract business to your vendor tent, you definitely need a display that looks successful and well-designed. Use our products to create that look.

Lasting Good Looks

Once you design and purchase our triple-wave valance, you’ll be set for years of shows, competitions, races, and fairs.

Our valances are made from long-lasting Sunbrella fabric. Sunbrella fabric uses a special dyeing technique to lock color in. The colors never fade or wash out. It is made to withstand all weather conditions, which is why it’s a favorite choice for outdoor-table umbrellas and boat cushions.

Your sturdy, well-made triple-wave valance will be there to decorate your setups for many years. You can count on always having a great-looking stall, especially if you coordinate it with matching TackTrunk trunk covers, stall drapes, show banners, and blankets.


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