Stall Curtains for Horse Shows

We make custom stall drapes for your show barn.

This is a custom, made-to-order item. Production timeline estimate: 4-6 weeks, subject to change.

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Stall Curtains for Horse Shows

Our stall curtains are finished with velcro and grommets at the top for easy hanging. The velcro allows you to hang your valance with ease that attaches above the stall curtain.

The standard size height is 7’4″ and the drapes range from 6, 8, 10, and 12 feet in width. Custom sizes are available.

Whether it is a horse at a horse show or merchandise to be sold at a booth, you may have a strong interest in covering up your precious valuables or buddies while you are away or want privacy. Especially at a horse show, stall curtains would be great to cover up your personal stall. Your horse may want to eat or be groomed in private, after all. Give your prize horse that privacy by obtaining our high-quality-made horse stall drapes. You can even choose to have your stall drapes customized in certain ways: you can choose the color of your stall drapes and, if you decide to obtain one, you can also choose the color of your stall door.

Our stall drapes come in multiple sizes, including six feet, eight feet, 10 feet, and 12 feet. You can also call us and request a certain, specific size. Along with the size, the color of your stall drapes can also be chosen. The variety of colors and fabrics available are all from the high-quality fabric company, Sunbrella. You can choose from solid-color fabrics, like aquamarine and concord, or textured fabrics, such as silica and Tresco textures.

You can choose to obtain a stall curtain door right along with your equine stall curtains. The size of stall curtain door is about seven feet and four inches tall, which is just the right size in comparison to the standard sizes that are available for the stall curtains. Also, like the stall curtains, you can select a color for the stall door from the available Sunbrella collection of colors we have. If you have a brand or logo that happens to contain two different colors, then you can have the colors of your stall drapes and curtain door correlate with your brand or logo.

The photograph shows an example of the stall curtains that we have for horse shows. The colors are refined very well, as is to be expected from Sunbrella. As you can see, there is more than one color on the stall curtains. You can choose colors that match up with your brand or logo, or you can just choose colors that you feel match each other. Our stall drapes cover up the stall area so well that it actually looks like an entirely separate, indoor room. Anywhere there is an outdoor stall, our stall curtains and stall curtain door can cover it up.

Need more information about our valances on the styles and selections, call to inquire and we will gladly assist!

If you’re looking for high-quality stable accessories, our stall curtains are a great option when you want to create a private space for your animals or you want to add some style to a horse’s stall in your own barn or at a show. Our stall curtains come in a wide variety of colors and fabrics and are completely customizable. They are sure to meet your stable supply needs.
Suggestions for Measuring logo for Stall Curtains for a 10-foot Drape. See the below illustration.
Note logo size is 25H x 24W. The larger size is an applique. Inquire for pricing.
36x88 Hanging door panel with hem option with no backing placed on a 10 foot drape
Why purchase a stall curtain?
Stall curtains or stall drapes are a great addition to a stall in many different situations. They can be used in your own barn for added privacy for each horse or just to add some color and style to an otherwise dull area. If you prefer to complete your horse care chores such as feeding and grooming in private, stall drapes can easily accommodate you. Furthermore, if you are visiting a horse show either with your horse or as a seller of stall supplies, door drapes can be helpful for your stall or booth. They can make a mostly outdoor area seem like a private enclosed room. If you’re a seller, they can hide stall supplies such as horse blankets and other tack items until you are ready for your booth to open. They can also cover your stall front if you wish your horse or your supplies to remain private until you are ready to show them. At this point, the stall curtains come with tie-backs so that they can be easily opened.
Customizing your curtains?
You can customize your stall drapes in several ways. We have many high-quality fabrics from which to choose. They all come from the Sunbrella line and are perfect for your curtains. The variety of textures and colors means that you can get curtains that exactly fit your style or needs. Each curtain is fitted with grommets and velcro tabs for easy installation. Also, you can customize the valance with your barn name, brand, or logo making the curtain a great marketing tool and a way for people to recognize you. Stall curtains also come in a range of sizes from 6 feet to 12 feet, and you can request a custom size if needed. With their versatility and customization options, stall curtains can be a great purchase for any horse owner. Feel free to browse all the curtain options we have available and call us with any questions.
Learn how to design Stall Curtains by watching this video

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