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Order Prestige Bridle Racks Mounted On Wood Online

Tack Trunks offers prestige bridle racks mounted on wood in chrome or brass hardware with cherry or walnut stain. Place an order online now or call 877-237-2972

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Design your own Bridle Racks Mounted on Wood in Chrome or Brass Hardware with Cherry or Walnut Stain with our Prestige online!

Our Prestige Bridle Racks are ideal for the person who wants a classic and elegant look for their tack room. Available in sizes for two to eight bridles, these racks are totally customizable with chrome or brass hardware, and a wooden base that can be stained with cherry or walnut stain, or left unstained for you to finish with the paint or stain of your choice. Personalize them with your barn colors or add nameplates with horse or rider names.

The chrome or brass hangers are crescent-shaped to copy the natural curve of a horse’s head and help your valuable bridles and show halters keep their shape. The curved hanger reduces stress on the leather, distributing the pressure from the weight of the bridle evenly, so that your crownpieces and browbands are much less likely to stretch or crack, even when stored for long periods of time. This is particularly important in climates with extreme temperatures or climates that lack sufficient humidity.

The extra hook at the bottom of each hanger can be used for many purposes. If you use martingales or breastplates, you can pair them up with the correct bridle and keep the equipment for one horse well organized, even in a busy lesson barn. If you don’t, you can use that hook to store the horse’s fly bonnet, alternate bit, or hang any other piece of equipment he goes in as a convenient reminder to whoever may ride him.

The top tabs make for easy mounting; mount permanently with nails on wood, or hang easily with twine, wire, or zip ties for temporary use in tack stalls at horse shows. Even when permanently mounted, the rack is easy to move without damage as the top tabs are not part of the wooden base, and mounting the rack securely never involves nailing through the wood.

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