//Show Banner Post Frames & Shipping Bags

Show Banner Post Frames & Shipping Bags

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Showcase your show banner with our banner post frames, base set & shipping bags. These standards come in walnut stain or black metal options. Shipping bags are included. The black metal standards are best suited for year around use outside use to sustain most weather condtions.

You have a great-looking horse show banner, but you may not want to hang it up on the side of a building. Instead, you may just want to have your banner stand right in front of the entrance to your horse show, but how can this be done. This is where you would obtain standards for your horse show banner. Standards are poles that stand on flat bases, which are specially made to hold the poles. These poles are then made to hold large banners that are also specially made to fit onto the poles.

It is a great idea to have poles to hang your show banner because it increases the possibilities of where to display your banner. You do not have to rely on a building or another sturdy structure to put your banner on. Putting your banner on standards is also beneficial for you because it is more convenient and much safer. Many people like to post their show banners at the top of a building. This can take more time, effort, money and, of course, risk. Hanging your show banner takes less time, money and effort.

We have standard sets available for horse show banners. Our sets include the base set, the banner post frames, and the nylon shipping bags to help safely and conveniently carry the separate parts. There are two kinds of sets available: the walnut stain post sets and the black metal post sets. The walnut stain post sets are brown and wooden, and they give off a sense of feeling sustainable for outdoor weather year-round. You can also purchase name banner pole sets along with the post sets.

Shown in the first of the three available photographs is a pair of standards for the horse show banner. These are what the black metal post sets look like when all of the parts are set up and put together (except for the banner itself). These poles are not only sturdy, but they also have a visual appeal to them. These poles, because their color is black, can match with just about any indoor and outdoor visual setting. The second of the three photos shows the nylon bags containing the poles and the base sets.

Each base set and pole set has its own nylon bag to help prevent scratching and damage if they were to share the same bag. The third and final photo shows what a base set for the pole looks like. There is a screw on each base set that can help you adjust the height of the pole.


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