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Triple Wave Valance in Sunbrella Fabric – Optional Embroidery

Design your own triple wave valance. Select your show valance colors and embroidery online or call us directly to design your show double wave valance.

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You can design your triple wave valance online or inquire directly where we can help you design your triple wave valance. We can apply your existing logo to the show valance or we can help you create a logo. Once we have your logo, colors, and embroidery selections confirmed, we can process a quote. Let us know if you want the embroidery with piping colors as we will be happy to accommodate.



1) Select your Valance Type

2) Select your Lettering and/or Logo and colors. Click on this link to see our fabric inventory of Sunbrella Colors.

3) Logo work must be quoted separately. We will help you create your logo design and artwork if you do not have a logo handy.

4) All Valance work includes mockup artwork of your valance for customer approval. The mockup is visual like the one shown. If you want to make changes to the valance using the mockup, we will gladly work with you until you have happy with the mockup before we stitch.

5) Match Stall Curtains with Valance

You have your stall curtains and want to be able to display your logo, your city and state, and other certain pieces of information for the world to see. If you are looking for a smaller alternative to a horse show banner, then we can provide you with blank horse show valances. A popular choice is our triple wave valance that covers the top of an opening, be it a window or an awning tent. We make high-quality valances that are visually appealing, and you are the one who gets to choose what color you want your valance to be.

Our horse show curtain valances can also be put above your stall drapes. You could put your own logo, your brand, the name of the trainer, the city and state, and plenty of other options you may have for the triple wave valances. You can also request a specific color for your horse show valance so that it matches with your stall drapes.

There are many fabric colors to choose from for your horse show valance. The standard valance comes in 3 colors. The fabric colors we have available come from the well-known, high-quality Sunbrella fabric company. The colors of these fabrics range from solid concord and turquoise to textured Tresco linen and crest denim. You can choose the color from two different parts of the valance: the border of the valance and the general area of the valance. If you happen to have a brand or a logo that features two specific colors, then you can have the border and the general area display these colors. This is a great way for others to be able to see and remember your brand as well as the main colors that your brand name features.

At your request, we can have your logo embroidered on the triple wave valances. If you do not have a logo, then we can create a logo for you at your request. We can also embroider your city and state as well as the trainer name on the valance. Finally, you can decide the placement of the trainer name, the logo, and the city and state each: you can choose to put them on the left side, the right side, or in the center of your horse show valance.

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