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Horse Show Named Banner with Embroidery in Sunbrella Fabric

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Design your own show banner. Select your show banner colors and embroidery online or call us directly to design your show banner.

You can design your show banner online or inquire directly where we can help you design your show banner. We can apply your existing logo to the show banner or we can help you create a logo. Once we have your logo, colors and embroidery selections confirmed, we can process a quote for the show banner. Let us know if you want the embroidery with piping colors as pictured as we will be happy to accommodate.

Follow this Link to Get a Quote on a Show Banner


1) Select your Banner Type:

Name Banners – Standard Size is 90 inches Width x 17 inches Height (or extra large 120×17) that includes , trim, overlay or underlay in borders. Custom sizes are available too.

2) Select your Lettering and/or Logo and colors. Click on this link to see our fabric inventory of Sunbrella Colors. Embroidery will be quoted for lettering and logo’s.

3) Logo work must be quoted separately. We will help you create your logo design and artwork if you do not have a logo handy.

4) All Show Banner work includes mockup artwork of your banner for customer approval. If you want to make changes to the banner using the mockup, we will gladly work with you until you have happy with the mockup before we stitch.

A show banner is not only a great way to inform people about the name and type of show going on, but it’s also a great way to attract an audience. This is usually because the banner is visually appealing, interesting, or both. Here at tacktrunks.com, we strive to provide you with a well-made horse show banner that we can personally customization for you at your request. You can decide the color of the banner, where you want your logo to be embroidered, the type of banner, and so much more.

You can choose the type of banner you want for the horse show. There’s the standard name banner, the single layer name banner, and the golf cart name banner. The single layer name banner is for embroidery that is off the work site, and the golf cart name banner includes Velcro to attach to the preferred area. If you have a small amount of information that you wish to put on the banner, then the single layer name banner can help you save money. The golf cart name banner is convenient because of the Velcro that is included with the name banner. If you want it to stick to a certain surface, such as a golf cart or the side of a building, then you can use the Velcro that is especially for this banner. The standard name banner is bigger, and you can display it not only on the side of a building but also on a post set, which can be set up on many ground surfaces.

The name of the barn, trainer, and city and state can each have an embroidery size ranging from one to nine-and-a-half inches. The trainer name, along with the city and state, can also be placed on the left side, right side, or in the center of the show banner. Even the individually embroidered letters of each of these separate lines can be determined, ranging again from one to nine-and-a-half inches. A certain font can be selected, including Gothic, Block, Script, or your own custom font.

You can choose the main, binding, and border color of your horse show banner from a wide variety of available fabrics from Sunbrella. Also available from Sunbrella is the color of the embroidery. You can decide whether or not you want piping colors for the embroidery. Finally, you can add your own personal logo (or even have us make a logo for you) and decide the placement of the logo on the banner for the horse show.

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