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Mounting Blocks: 2 or 3 Step in Vinyl with Your Logo

You can optionally design your own 2 or 3 step mounting block at the below links online using your logo. If you need assistance, just process your design using the website  and let us know how we can help.


Our mounting blocks are available in 2 or 3 step heights. Vinyl sided, chrome or brass trimmed and top step with a black matte you to step on to mount your horse safely. Also, you can personalized the side with your barn logo or monogram.





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Why do you need a horse mounting block? You need the for safety for the rider and horse. Learn more why you need a horse mounting block.

Young riders are rarely at a loss for creative means to mount their horses, whether that might be a questionable fence rail, a handy chair, or a flimsy bucket. These are the riders who also may be the least dissuaded when such methods leave them flat on their backsides after their horse decides to have nothing to do with these crazy mounting aids. For both the rider’s safety and the proper manner of training your horse to comply with your most important goal in riding, getting on the horse, there is no better mounting aid than the mounting block.

When mounting a horse, it is a moment when you are halfway between the ground and midair. Using a mounting block is a safe, convenient, and stress-free way to successfully get on your horse without throwing either horse or rider off balance or putting any strain on your horse’s back. The mounting block also makes grooming easier when you can easily reach those areas that are hard to get to from ground level, and they are useful in reaching higher storage shelves in the tack room. A mounting block from Tack Trunks offers you more than just two or three steps up. They also serve as lockable tack storage making it easier to have the things you need when grooming your horse as well as helping to maintain a tidy tack room.

You can choose a mounting block from Tack Trunks with either two or three steps depending on your height or younger riders who need that extra step up. Built from high-quality, durable materials, our sturdy vinyl mounting blocks include slip-resistant steps to prevent slip and fall injuries. For elderly riders or those who have mobility impairments, a strong mounting block is essential to get riders safely aboard their mounts without unnecessary risk of injury.

The top step itself is the lid to the internal storage compartment that is fitted to receive a padlock for more security. Keep sprays, brushes, hoof picks, polish, or other handy grooming tools within easy reach to maintain your horse’s health and to look good for that trail ride or next hunter/jumper class. With your own mounting block, you never have to look for a spotter or someone to give you a hand up. You can rely on having a stable surface from which to achieve a safe distance to easily get on your horse without the danger associated with the struggle that can ensue from trying to mount from the ground.

Customize Your Mounting Blocks

Our functional mounting blocks are also customizable to match your barn scheme or other tack trunks or boxes that you may already have. As part of your travel cargo, your Tack Trunks ensemble makes a statement about you as intended. Available in a variety of colors and finishes, you can also choose to add chrome or brass trim for additional protection and visual appeal. If you prefer, you can order an unfinished block. The decision is yours.


Order here or design your own mounting block online at the below links using your own logo.

Answer the questions below to see what you can get with a vinyl mounting block. If you are opting to use Sunbrella colors or have custom artwork, you will need to place your order over the phone or via email.

If you are curious to see how your logo or monogramming will look on your mounting block, we can send you a “mock-up” of your logo or you can design your own mockup of a 3 step mounting block here.

1) What colors do you want? Does your barn have specific colors they prefer you to use?

Sunbrella Colors

Standard Colors

2) Do you have existing artwork or we can help you make your logo? If not, you can use our Stock art as an option for a logo

Horse Logos

Stock Art Logos

3) Last, we suggest you pick out a border or for a fancy look, add piping to each side of the vinyl surface. Lettering options are provided or you can send us your own fonts to use for Monogramming.

Lettering & Borders

What does Piping Look Like?





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    Barn present for Christmas. Love my mounting block

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    Love our 3 step block, great service from Jenny too!

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