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Medicine Chest Valet – Natural Wood Finish


Medicine chest in natural wood. DIY stain. Had 7 drawers to hold tack, meds, etc to organize your barn.

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Find best-quality medium unfinished wood tack trunk for sale at Tack Trunks. Call us for more information or place an order online today at 877-237-2972!

DIY: Our unfinished medicine chest valet is a great way to paint the exterior yourself with any color stain you wish. Place an order today at Tack Trunks! Our unfinished medicine chest valet is a great way to paint the exterior yourself with any color stain you wish. Place an order today at Tack Trunks! Our unfinished medicine chest is a great way to paint the exterior yourself with any color stain you wish or you can opt to send us your choice of stain where we can paint the chest for you.

Size: 24 x 25 x 45 LDH

Our sturdy and durable wooden tack trunks are built to hold and transport your tack, tools, and stable supplies for decades. Our unfinished, superior birch hardwood, medium-sized tack trunk is a creative way to add a high-quality, affordable tack trunk to your equipment, that you can finish and customize yourself.

You can paint or finish the exterior, add your own lettering and artwork (or use our standard stock art and fonts), and attach exterior trim and nameplate. Our craftsmen protect our tack trunks and boxes with three coats of marine grade finish for a shine and protective seal that lasts for many years. The popular interior feature you may choose to add to make this trunk your own include a cork insert, show tote (in place of a standard removable tote), mirror, dowels, and more. Add an additional custom tack trunk cover to ensure your horse tack trunk will last for generations!

FOR SALE: UNFINISHED Medium Tack Trunk 34″L x 20 ¾”W x 19 ½”H

Our unfinished, medium-sized, hardwood equestrian tack trunk is a solid, durable, well-constructed wooden tack trunk. Each tack trunk includes brass or chrome hinge that matches the box’s secure lock and closure and carries hardware. It is ready for you to decorate, paint, or stain to match your brand, stable, and individual style.

Personalize Your Trunk: Monograms and brand/stable names personalize your tack trunk and other items. It also reduces the risk of items being stolen and increases the likelihood items will be returned if they are left, lost, or misplaced.

Attach an etched or engraved chrome or brass plate with your personalized monogramming, initials, or logo to the front of the trunk to customize it. We have a wide selection of nameplates, including those for stalls, tack boxes, and tack trunks. We offer rectangular plates in a variety of sizes ranging incrementally from 2” x 4” through 4” x 12”. However, we suggest you select one of our oval brass or chrome plates to personalize your tack trunk or tack box. They add elegance to your trunk and come in 2” x 10”, 4” x 6”, 6” x 9”, and 12” x 18” sizes. We will make a custom size nameplate for you upon request. These nameplates add a distinct sophistication to your tack trunk, making them a valuable, as well as a decorative, piece of equipment.

Send us your logo to get a price quote. For a nominal fee, we will send you a proof of your nameplate for review before we make them.

Personalizing your tack box exhibits the highest quality as well as your equestrian professionalism. Painted or laminated graphics, specialized font, and select lettering also accent and help market your stable, barn, etc. If you are undecided or do not have your own design, we have stock art (i.e.: hunt jumpers, dressage, quarter horse, etc.) from which you may choose. We can help you add your brand/stable name to the stock art to customize it and so you can promote you!

Add Protective and Decorative Hardware Trim Molding: You might also elect to add chrome or brass molding (to match the lock and closure and lid hinge). The metal trim will not only give your tack trunk a distinct, premier look but will also protect the container from damage during transport. The hardware molding will showcase your box wherever you go. Another option is to trim your trunk in vinyl line for a finished appearance.

Add Interior Features: Most of our standard trunks include a sliding tray and a removable tote. You have additional options when outfitting the inside of your tack trunk. You may wish to add:

• a show tote (to replace the removable tote)
• a bandage lid
• a cork, mirror, and whiteboard insert
• a bit box with extra dowels
• an organizer
• a sliding try.

Add a Customized Protective Tack Box Cover: We produce weatherproof tack box/trunk covers for all Phoenix- and Warner-brand trunks and boxes. Our high-quality box covers are made to embellish as well as protect your tack box, bit box, medicine box, and custom trunk. They are available in plastic, Cordura fabric, nylon, and Sunbrella fabric in several styles:

• Plastic Covers, which are simple, sturdy, and affordable.

• Standard Covers, which are strong, colorful (Sunbrella colors), intended for basic trunk, and decorated, embroidered with standard vinyl colors, and customized with piping, zippers.

• Fancy Covers, which are strong, colorful (Sunbrella colors), and intended to be embroidered and customized with piping, zippers, trim, and your company logo.

• Custom Covers, which fit ANY tack trunk, are colorful (Sunbrella colors), and are intended to be embroidered and customized with piping, zippers, trim, etc.

We can customize a cover for you that will help extend the life, beauty, and usefulness of your tack trunk for years to come. Tacktrunk.NET precisely and delicately embroiders your monogram or logo on any cover so it will showcase your brand and barn.

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  1. tacktrunks

    Excellent construction. I added my own stain and wheels

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