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Heritage Tack Trunk | Wood Tack Trunk

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Tack boxes, essentially, secure and store horse tack and gear. You will be sure to appreciate all that you can hold in your unique tack box, and, as taking care of a horse begins with its housing, you’ll need a box to store near your horse, storing all the requisite materials for its upkeep.

Be sure that your horse stall is set up for horse management. You’ll want to make sure that it is large enough and has all the proper horse equipment. A modern stable needs to hold your horse and also hold all of the relevant items related to owning a horse, which is no small task.

You can also purchase a tack trunk stand to keep your tack trunk off the ground. If you keep it at a raised level it will be immune to wear. If you need a dolly, you can get one to transport it easily. The stands can make cleaning the stable even easier than it has been.


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    Love it!

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