//Custom Vinyl Grooming Box | Portable Grooming Box

Custom Vinyl Grooming Box | Portable Grooming Box

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Size:  23 3/4 x 12 3/4x 19in WDL (inches)

A vinyl grooming box is an attractive, modern solution for organizing all of your grooming supplies. Having a designated storage space makes the grooming process more efficient and saves the cost of replacing lost items.

Our vinyl grooming box is generously sized at 23.75 inches wide, 12.75 inches deep and 19 inches tall. It has a large door that swings upward for easy access. Two drawers and a tray give you the divisions you need to keep your tools organized, and an open area has the height to accommodate bottles and other tall containers.

The box is edged with metal trim for style and durability. It has a lock to keep the contents secure and a handle on each side for easy portability. If you prefer to keep your grooming box in a permanent spot, it can be attached to the wall for added support.

We offer a wide range of customized options for your vinyl grooming box. You can choose from over 20 standard colors or over 50 Sunbrella shades. Charcoal tweed, sunflower yellow, jockey red, pink and purple are just a few of the colors that are available.

You can also have a logo added to the box. If you would like the logo of your stable or brand, we can work with you to get just the right reproduction. If you would prefer stock art logos, we have a selection that includes depictions of dressage, race horses and jumpers.

A monogram adds a classic touch and makes your grooming box instantly identifiable. We offer eight different monogram styles, or you can have your own custom design. You can add breed logos and borders, and choose lettering styles that include script, Roman and Old English.

Once you have your unique vinyl grooming box, you can add other supplies, such as matching rain sheets, to give your stable a coordinated look. For a sheet quote, see our online sheet quote form. For other customized supplies, submit the appropriate quote form or give us a call. We can help give your stable the image that is ideal for your brand.


Answer the questions below to see what you can get with a vinyl grooming box. If you are opting to use Sunbrella colors or have custom artwork, you will need to place your order over the phone or via email.

Design a Grooming Box or Brush Box Online Now

1) What colors do you want? Does your barn have specific colors they prefer you to use?

       Sunbrella Colors

       Standard Colors

2) Do you have existing artwork or we can help you make your logo? If not, you can use our Stock art as an option for a logo

       Horse Logo’s

       Stock Art Logo’s

3) Last, we suggest you pick out a border or for a fancy look, add piping to each side of the vinyl surface. Lettering options are provided or you can send us your own fonts to use for Monogramming.

       Lettering & Borders

       What does Piping Look Like?


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