The Elite Equine Locker

The “Elite Locker” is a top-of-the-line aluminum tack locker. When traveling on the road, whether for show season or pleasure, high-quality tack storage is essential. Do not let it be an afterthought for your journey.

A tack locker is a sturdy cabinet that stores all of your main horse tack. They are custom-designed for equine equipment. They are well-organized with a space for everything. Travel designed (moves on wheels) and well-built for security with proper locks.

When you need a vital piece of equipment you want it as accessible as possible. The seconds and minutes spent trying to search a truck or van can quickly add up to wasted hours. That time is especially precious when you are running late or need first aid supplies. A proper storage unit is designed so your horse supplies readily accessible. Lockers like the Elite Equine make it easy to find everything in a flash.

The security offered by an elite tack locker is an attractive feature. Any of us that have spent a chunk of time traveling has experienced a theft or three. You do not need to be told that much of our equine equipment can be expensive to replace. Even worse, there is no replacing that favorite saddle or that bat a friend gave you.