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Vinyl Door Panel Signs for Horse Shows

Embellish your stable colors on our vinyl door panels to showcase your identity at the Horse shows or the Races.

Size: 32 width & 32 height (inches)

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Door panel stable signs provide some of the best marketing you can buy for your farm during the busy show season. A sign with your stable insignia and a catchy motto will draw attention and make your business or organization memorable. Signs also help direct existing clients to your location and introduce potential customers to what you have to offer. The decorative appeal of signs creates a friendly atmosphere and encourages personal interaction which may lead to more business. Size: 32 width & 32 height (inches).

These are not outdoor signs and are not weatherproof. These signs are intended for display inside the stables.

When designing your stable sign, you should use bright and complementary stable colors such as those used on our Sunbrella marine canvas drapes. Consider contracting with us for a custom logo or use one of the equestrian stock images that best represent your farm’s discipline. Pick the monogram or lettering format that best fits the character of your stable. Consider a border style to make your design stand out.


Answer the questions below to see what you can get with a vinyl door panel. If you are opting to use Sunbrella colors or have custom artwork, you will need to place your order over the phone or via email.

If you are curious to see how your logo or monogramming will look on your door panel we can send you a “mock-up” of your logo for review for a nominal fee.

1) What colors do you want? Does your barn have specific colors they prefer you to use?

Sunbrella Colors

Standard Colors

2) Do you have existing artwork or we can help you make your logo? If not, you can use our Stock art as an option for a logo

Horse Logos

Stock Art Logos

3) Last, we suggest you pick out a border or for a fancy look, add piping to each side of the vinyl surface. Lettering options are provided or you can send us your own fonts to use for Monogramming.

Lettering & Borders


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