Personalized Director Chairs for Your Show Barn

Online, you can design your own director chairs with your choice of colors, logo, telescope chair frames and add padded shipping bags.

This is a custom, made-to-order item. Production timeline estimate: 4-6 weeks, subject to change.

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Our award-winning horse show director chairs are a must-have for the horse shows.

The chair’s finish, seat and back fabric color, quality and appearance, the quality of logo, trim and piping, all send a message to competitors, audience members, and others, including media representatives.

The clean, classic appearance of the director’s chair can match your tack trunk and other stall items. It is a perfect use for your space at the show and will give a great impression to others about your pride in competition and the quality you represent.

We recommend that we send you a mockup of your logo design to fit on our director chairs to help with visualization for your Director Chairs. Below is an example of a mockup and a closeup.

These chairs were first designed for the film industry, which is why they are called “director’s chairs.” They allow your arms to be free to move while you sit in comfort, and they are also designed for you to be able to rise as-needed to work with trainers, judges, and show staff. Their telescoping construction makes them easily transportable. You may wish to include matching shipping bags, an umbrella, and table covers, depending on your tack and requirements.

Learn more about director chair specifications, hardware assembly, frame colors, and more.

Above all, the horse show director’s chair you select should represent your taste and desired show image. Your logo will shine like no other presented with our quality workmanship. Choose from three selections of chair height, from child to standard dining to bar stool height. Then pick the finish that best complements your colors, anywhere from clear varnish/light wood to walnut, black or rustic grey.

Then, decide whether you want the logo on the front or the back of the chair back. Select piping, and let us customize the chair with your logo. These chairs have the mark of a “winner,” and can be used for more than horse shows. You might want to attend a barbecue or another sporting event, and they are “ready to go” for these events as well. They are also easy to get in and out of and will accommodate most people, from child to adult. Just order the height you need for the shows you know you will be attending.

Our director’s chairs have a look of distinction that puts them above and beyond some of the “beach” or “picnic” chair looks you may have seen elsewhere. They will provide you with comfort and ease of transport as well as present your logo, colors, and public image. The seat canvas is easy to clean and overall construction easy to maintain with a fresh, new appearance. You can use the chairs as part of a suite, along with stall curtains, tack trunks, and other equipment and decor at the show. Add padded nylon travel bags to keep them from scratches or scapes during transport to the horse show will add years to the life of your Director Chairs.

Your long, active days at horse shows can be made more comfortable and, at the same time, send your desired message to others about your look and image. Whether you are just starting or have a big operation, the horse show director’s chair lets you be in the “director’s seat” in comfort and style. These chairs are easy to transport, sturdy and comfortable, and feature workmanship that will last.

HIGHLY recommend to purchase the shipping bags for the chairs for a fresh look and care to protect them from the elements of weather and transport.

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  1. Sharon

    5 stars for this place

  2. Frank Muson


  3. judy

    Great for horse shows to sit out by the stalls and socialize using director chairs with barn logo.

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