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Vertical Tack Trunk with Wheels





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About Saddle Trunks on Wheels

As the name indicates, saddle trunks or tack trunks are used to store and transport an equestrian’s tack. This piece is an essential part of any horse person’s travel cargo. These trunks keep tack safe and organized, allowing you to find your equipment quickly and efficiently on those busy show days. Pack smart with 2 saddles in this saddle trunk.

Saddle trunks are available in many different styles. An upright saddle trunk for cabinet-style storage is another option. For a distinctive look, you may prefer a beautiful wood tack trunk with a customized monogram nameplate in brass or chrome. Customized vinyl trunks with your customized logo, equestrian-themed stock image, or a variety of lettering are also available.

Trunks are available in multiple sizes. Our standard saddle trunk measures 24in x 25in x 45in (WDH) provides enough space to keep your smaller tack items organized.  For more additional storage needs, we can build more space at an additional charge to suit your needs. Please ensure that your saddles can fit into space with a 25-inch length from front to back or less for our standard size.

When protecting your expensive saddlery, show bridles, blankets, boots, and all your other gear, a row of well-crafted, professional tack trunks reflect very well on you and your interests as an accomplished equestrian or expert trainer. Why not settle for an award-winning look for your award-winning reputation? This saddle trunk is an essential inclusion in any horse person’s travel cargo.

At Tack Trunks, our valet and upright saddle trunks include wheels as they are designed to offer the best protection for your most valuable gear, tack, and saddlery. These trunks are the best way to protect your investment in your saddles, saddles pads, show leathers and bridles, blankets, show jackets, boots, accessories, and more. As with our other trunks and boxes, you can customize your deluxe track trunks with monograms, chrome or brass trim, piping, matching colors to your barn scheme, and more.

When opened, the lid can serve as a vanity mirror encased in protective cork inserts or as a whiteboard. You can get a felt or cedar lining added to your wooden tack trunk for a more luxurious feel. Add casters, nameplates, logos, monograms, and more. Saddle trunks make an essential method of safely storing an equestrian’s most valuable tack. Whether maintaining your tack safely at your home stable or taking it on the road for an upcoming show, you can use our easy order online tool, or we can help you further customize your trunk to suit your specific needs.

There are many different styles of saddle trunks from which to choose. Our cabinet-style storage can hold one or two saddles. Available in multiple sizes, the standard saddle trunk measures 24x25x45-inches giving you enough space to contain smaller tack for the best organization. We can build more space to suit your needs at an additional charge. We recommend that your saddles fit within a 25-inch depth from front to back for the standard size.

Ordering is Easy with Our Online Ordering Tool

Check out our online ordering tool that makes selecting your personalized saddle trunk valet easy in the following six steps:

Step 1: Select a valet size
Step 2: Choose border and trim
Step 3: Select your color
Step 4: Select text and style
Step 5: Add a monogram, add stock art or logo
Step 6: Select additional options including valet cork and mirror, cedar or felt lining, add a vinyl or rubber top, add interior stain, add vinyl backing, add interior bridle hooks and decide whether you want to fit one or two saddles.

You have a space to provide your monogram text, up to three characters, and you can email your logo artwork if you have it. Include your email and receive your quote.

Keep your tack safe and organized with a lockable saddle valet trunk. As part of your Tack Trunks ensemble, you become the envy of your friends and fellow competitors when they see the stylish display. The appearance upon approaching your stalls or stables is a touch of royalty in keeping with a lasting equestrian legacy.


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Chrome Trim, Brass Trim


No Border, Border Style #1, Border Style #2, Border Style #3, Border Style #4


No Piping, Piping Style #1, Piping Style #2, Piping Style #3, Piping Style #4


Chrome, Vinyl Top

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