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Mounting Block with Three Steps – Vinyl

This is a practical tool for any horse owner because it provides safe and efficient mounting practices that keep you and your horse from injury, especially for young children who are short and need the extra step to mount their horse or pony. Great storage compartment and an appealing piece for your table decor.

Provide safety for you or your guests including children and individuals who may be mobility impaired; the block is stable and gives sufficient support for a secure, safe mount. Likewise, the technique used when you mount with the steps will help protect your horse’s back from damage, leading your horse to a happy and healthy life.


Personalization and Design Your 3 step Mounting Block Online:

If you are ready to bring safety and sophistication into your stable with our 3 step mounting block, we can help. Our simple online tool helps you personalize your block to your specifications in six easy steps.

1) Our two-step block is great for you if you are taller while our three-step block is great for you if you are shorter or if children plan to use your tool.

2) adding trim, piping, or border to your mounting block, if you desire. The trim can come in brass or chrome if you want additional protection from the weather; and, the border and piping come in four different style options.

3) the option to choose a premium or standard color for your step

4) if you want to add text in a particular font style.

5) option for you to add a stock art, a monogram, or a logo. We have several stock art choices for you to choose from easily and we have a text box so you can type in your specific monogram; to add your logo, you will need to select a file and add your email so we can contact you with questions or updates concerning your artwork.

6) option for you to add a stain or anti-slip protection to your mounting block. You can choose from a deep cherry or walnut stain, and you can add rubber to the top step for safety. At the bottom of the page, you have the option of changing the quantity of your purchase before requesting your quote.

Additional information


Cherry Stain, Walnut Stain


Chrome Trim, Brass Trim


No Border, Border Style #1, Border Style #2, Border Style #3, Border Style #4


No Piping, Piping Style #1, Piping Style #2, Piping Style #3, Piping Style #4

2 reviews for Mounting Block with Three Steps – Vinyl

  1. tacktrunks

    Hollowbrook Farm, FL- excellent purchase

  2. Dave Pulley

    Beautiful step block!

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