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Double Wave Valance

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Double Wave Valances

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What is a Double-Wave Valance?

A valance is a great addition to your show tent or stall drapes. It gives a finishing touch that adds style and brings together your design.

Now you can add even more drama and excitement with a double-wave valance that can take your style to the next level. You know what a valance can do for the windows in your house. Now add that same beauty to your show tent or stall drapes.

A straight valance is a classic style. It has a straight edge and fits over a set of drapes to create a traditional look.

Wave valances use a wavelike pattern to create curves in the valance. This makes the valance even more attractive. And with TackTrunk, you can design one that will stand out. You can choose a base color, two trim colors, and your favorite graphics.

Our double-wide valances come in 6-foot, 8-foot, 10-foot, 12-foot, and 17-foot sizes.

Beautiful, Durable Fabric

Our double-wave valances, like our stall drapes and straight valances, are made from Sunbrella fabric.

Sunbrella is an ideal fabric for outdoor settings. It has proven popular for creating boat seats, outdoor cushions, outdoor umbrellas, and other items that need to be weather-resistant.

Sunbrella is made to be durable. It is produced with a technique that creates full-color saturation. Sunbrella fabrics maintain their color through wind, rain, snow, and sun. With our Sunbrella double-wave valances, you can rest assured that your display will look great no matter how many times you put it up and no matter what kind of weather it’s been through.

Custom Made for You

Our double-wave valance is beautiful on its own, without further embellishments or additions. It’s a great-looking addition to your matching stall drapes, tack trunk covers, director chairs, and other items from TrackTunk.

But you can make them look better and blend better with your décor. Just let us know if you want to add your monogrammed initials or stable name. If you want, we can add one of our colorful, attractive horse images.

Our online ordering system makes it easy to select the fabric color, trim color, wave trim color, and other custom features for your double-wave valance. Choose from a huge array of gorgeous Sunbrella colors and make the valance truly your own.

Create a Great Look

Whatever your favorite color and style are, you can find a double-wave valance that reflects it. With a wide selection of colors, you can have fun designing your own window treatment. It will be a long-lasting addition to your setup that is easy to pack and quick to set up.

Your double-wave valance is a great way to add drama, style, and color to your stall drapes or tent display. With TackTrunk’s help, you’ll have a great-looking display that shows your professionalism and your winning style.

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    Stylish and eye-catching

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