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Tack Trunk Covers (Custom Sizes too)

6 Ways to Order at TackTrunks.com

1) Using this product designer and follow the Steps listed on the right side of the form
2) Learn more about how to use this Tack Box designer by watching this video.
3) Use ‘Request a Quote’ at the bottom of this page and fill out the designer form
4) Mobile link to Order
5) Email us with your specifications
6) Call us at 877-237-2972
Why You Need Custom Tack Trunk Covers 

Your tack trunk is your lifeline when you’re in your barn or on the road. It holds your important equipment and carries it safely from stable to stable. Doesn’t your hardworking tack trunk deserve a new look?

Our custom tack trunk covers are great-looking and great for your stable and we can typically ship them in 2 to 3 weeks. They’re available in three standard sizes that should fit most tack trunks. They can be crafted in your choice of colors, trims and designs.

At home or on the road, the business of horse riding involves an assemblage of tack room and stall supplies including feed or treats, apparel, gear, blankets, brushes, bandages and wraps, saddlery and so much more. In your own barn, there is no better way to keep all your property and supplies accounted for than by being organized and secure with the protection of a locking mechanism. If you are competing in shows or entering races, you are going to travel. What better way to gather all the things you need for success than with a professional tack trunk? Based upon your needs, there is no better profile than a row of tack trunks that stylistically announce your stable at a glance.

Ordering Your Custom Tack Trunk Cover is Easy with Our Online Tool

The idea of making an appearance anywhere, including your own barn, should entail making the correct impression. This starts with a clear way to identify the name of your stable, whether it’s a trademark or logo that is immediately identifiable. Our tack boxes are completely customizable from your barn colors to your monograms to logos, trim, finish and more. When anyone visits your stable at home or your stalls when traveling, your name should be easily recognizable.

At Tack Trunks, we offer three sizes to suit your needs in more ways than one. Our online design tool allows you to specify your needs and receive a quote for your personalized tack trunks.

Start by deciding what size trunk you want from the following options:

  • Small – 32-inch length x 18-inch width x 18-inch height, weighing 60 lbs
  • Medium – 34-inch length x 20.75-inch width x 19.5-inch height, weighing 70 lbs
  • Large – 38.5-inch length x 23.75-inch width x 22.25-inch height, weighing 78 lbs
  • Custom fit, use the same designer

Your next options cover adding the bumper color, trim, top and border. You can choose from over 20 standard colors or select from premium color options for trunk and border as well as adding text and selecting a font style. Finally, you can also choose to add your monogram in chrome or brass. If you need to establish a logo, we have a huge library of stock art from which to choose or you can supply your own. Additional options include interior stain, felt lining, a vinyl top and adding piping for an exquisite finishing touch.

A Little More About Your Professionally Crafted Tack Trunks

Our tack trunks are both practical and appealing made from high-quality, durable materials. Available in either wood or vinyl, each wooden case is crafted using superior birch hardwood and meticulously covered in no less than three coats of marine-grade finish for a dazzling look that lasts for better than 20 years when cared for as the treasures they are. Each utility trunk is outfitted with a sliding tray and removable tote that can contain your horse grooming tools. You might decide to go with a tack locker that serves as a bench box with a padded seat for a top giving you a convenient place to put your boots on. To further protect your horse tack trunk, consider getting a cover, which may also be embroidered with your monogram lettering. Call us today at 877-237-2972 and we can help you navigate your choices to personally customize your professional tack trunks guaranteed to get the attention of friends, family, clients and competition alike.

Work with a unified, organized look. If you’re hauling your tack supplies, medicines, riding boots and other equipment in mismatched trunks, give them an updated new look with matching trunk covers. You’ll enjoy using a matched set that shows off your stable colors and logo.

Create a professional image. You can create a professional image for your stable that will help you feel like a winner no matter what the scoreboard says.

Avoid mix-ups. Too many tack trunks look alike. In the hubbub of a show or race, mix-ups can happen. Adding your colors and name to your tack trunks ensures that they won’t end up at the wrong stable by mistake.

Protect your belongings. A trunk cover doesn’t just look good. It also serves an important protective function. You can keep dust, dirt and dampness off your trunk. A cover will keep your trunk clean.

Use Your Trunk with Pride

Think about all the things you carry in your trunks. They hold your tack supplies, grooming items, ropes, paperwork and much more. Your trunk is your lifeline at races and shows.

When you use your trunk, make sure it reflects the pride you take in your stable, your horses and your team. Don’t rely on rubber tubs or trunks that look old and worn. You can have trunks that look good and make an impressive display.

Choose Your Fabric, Trim and Colors

With TackTrunks, you can choose the type of fabric you want your trunk cover made from.

Nylon. Sturdy and water-resistant, this fabric works well to provide basic protection and comes in a limited range of colors.

Cordura. This is a thick, soft fabric with a quilted look. Cordura comes in several different colors.

Sunbrella. Our best fabric choice, Sunbrella fabric is weather-resistant, never loses color and comes in a wide selection of shades.

In addition to the fabric type and color, you can add a number of design elements including piping, trim, embroidery and zippers. The finished cover will be a strikingly beautiful addition to your stable.

It’s easy to find the right size or we can make a custom fit for your tack box.. If you have a standard trunk, it probably came in one of the following sizes.

  • Large
  • Medium
  • Small
  • Valet
  • Upright
  • Slant

Even if your trunks are not standard size, we can create custom-sized covers to fit them.

Get Matching Items

For a stunning look in your stable and on the road, get tack trunk covers that match your stall drapes, director chairs, blankets, show banners and all your other accessories. At Tack Trunks, we make it easy to create an attractive display whether you’re at home, at a race or at a show.

Send us the below form for custom fit covers and we are happy to send a quote.

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