Custom Logo Vinyl Stall guards

This is a custom, made-to-order item. Production timeline estimate: 12-14 weeks, subject to change.



Vinyl Stall Guards – Custom Designs

Our horse stall guards are made of high-quality vinyl and durable chains that promote air circulation in the stalls, making you and your horse more comfortable. The vinyl stall guards are open and allow your horse the ability to socialize and discover. We design our stall guards to be durable yet safe for your horse, ensuring that your horse will be secure. The standard stall guards we offer are 42 ¾ wide by 14 ¾ tall; we have several different styles and colors of vinyl you can choose from, and you can also customize your own stall guard. Additionally, for a nominal fee, we can help you create your own logo, and we can send you a mockup of your logo or your customized design on the stall. Our stall guards are popular at the race track and show barns since they are personalized and unique. Our guards are also great if you host horses because you can write a horse’s name on the vinyl with a grease pencil, then erase it when they leave.

If you are interested in buying one of our stall guards, we have several ways in which you can request a quote. If you would like to personalize your guard completely, then feel free to give us a call or send us an email. If you are interested in the selections we provide, you can fill out our online form and receive your request.

Personalization and Online Tool:
The purchasing form has five simple steps that will help you personalize your stall guard. First, you need to select the size of your guard. The second step is an option for you to add border or piping to your stall guard. There are five border styles and four piping styles. The third step is adding color to the body of the guard and the border and piping if desired. You can choose from a large array of standard and premium colors. The fourth step is adding your desired text and the standard or premium font style you would like. The fifth step is the opportunity for you to add stock art, a monogram, or a logo. We have a selection of stock art for you to choose from or you can add your monogram in the provided text box. But, if you wish to add your own stock art or logo, you can select a file and add your email. Once you have finished personalizing your stall guard, you can change the quantity before you request your quote.

Our stall guards are personal and can showcase your business or style; they come in a wide selection of designs, and you can customize your guard. Also, they the well being and health of your horse, allowing by allowing for ventilation and socialization.


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No Border, Border Style #1, Border Style #2, Border Style #3, Border Style #4, Stripes


No Piping, Piping Style #1, Piping Style #2, Piping Style #3, Piping Style #4

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    5 stars – Stall Guards

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    Vinyl Stall Guards

  3. Susan

    Easy to clean and install.

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    Best stall guards I have with my logo

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