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Our collerettes set the standard on how to organize your award winning coolers. We make coolerettes in wool or sunbrella fabric that includes trim, piping or a ribbon. We can add your logo to them also.

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There is no better feeling than displaying awards that you have won with your equine companion, and coolerettes make a perfect addition to any tackroom or home showcase. You can present the efforts of your passion and hard work by choosing to let us represent your championship coolers in coolerette form. Made from wool or Sunbrella fabric that includes trim, piping, or a ribbon, our coolerettes can also be personalized with your own logo.

Many elegant horse shows award a cooler, or special embroidered type of blanket, to horse and rider as a recognition for winning the championship. While these awards are very nice and look great on your horse at future shows, they can be bulky to store and almost impossible to display. Many horse owners choose to have their coolers cut down to coolerettes, a process that can preserve the embroidered part of the cooler in a convenient smaller package that can then be hung for display.

We put care into every coolerette we produce for you. Our goal is to create something that will help you relive the memory of your special day for years to come. A coolerette is easy to keep clean and a great conversation piece when it is put in a place of honor in your home or tack room.

Preparing yourself and your horse for competition can take years of hard work. When the day comes to showcase your combined talents, receiving a championship cooler is a validation of the effort and care you have dedicated to your passion for horses. When others see a coolerette hanging in your home, they are not only impressed by your achievements but also by the pride you take in them. Turning your coolers into coolerettes and hanging them is a great way to honor your horse, as well. After all, the accomplishment isn’t all about you but about the wonderful companion you care for.

Let us prepare your coolerette horse blankets for you. Our prices are reasonable, and don’t you deserve to enjoy the championship cooler you won for many years to come? Coolers are more about pride than they are about practicality. They were meant to be displayed forever, not worn. Turn your championship coolers into a work of art that any accomplished rider would be proud to display in their home or tack room. Doing so instantly marks you as a top-notch rider that derives joy and fulfillment from their passion for horses.

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