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These bridle nameplates can be customized with your horse’s name or stable name. Horse nameplates can be the perfect finishing touch for your stable decor!

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Personalize your Bridles, Halters, Girths, and Tack with our Bridle Name Plates in Chrome or Brass. They come with fasteners so you can fasten them easily. Size (3/8 inch by 2 inches)

Customizable Bridle Name Plates to Add a Unique Touch to Your Stable

These 3/8 inch by 2-inch bridle nameplates are a superb purchase for any horse owner. If you or a horse enthusiast you know is looking for a way to personalize their horse’s bridle, a customizable nameplate is just what you’re looking for.

These nameplates can be ordered in either chrome or brass and will be attached to your bridle with your choice of attachment. You can order your nameplate with three different styles of frames: English, Beveled, and Notched. Take a look at the images to see what each style looks like.

Each nameplate comes with two lines of engraved text of up to 20 characters for each line, with the top line of text being bigger than the bottom line.

When ordering an engravement, you must fill out our order form with 100% complete accuracy. We will engrave the nameplate as your order form instructs us to, so the exact words with the exact spellings must be filled out in the exact way that you want them to appear on the nameplate.

A bevy of fonts to choose from

We offer engraving in four standard fonts, but can also offer customized fonts if you so desire. Our standard fonts are Block, Roman, Script, and Old English. If you do desire an alternative customizable font, you can contact us for a quote.

Let a logo breathe life into your nameplate

To give your nameplate that extra unique touch, add a horse breed logo. Our standard logos include logos for several breeds, including American Warmblood, German Oldenburg, Swedish Warmblood, Holsteiner, Dutch Warmblood, VDL, Westphalian, Trakehner. If you would like to add a custom logo to your nameplate, we can do that for you as well. Just call or email for an estimate.

Accompany your nameplate with the perfect attachment

It’s, of course, necessary to attach the nameplate to the bridle, and we have several excellent attachment styles to choose from. These styles include Nails, 2 sizes of Pop Rivets, Split Rivets, Wood Screws, Chicago screws, Halter Nail, Halter Nail and Washer, Saddle Plate Nails, S Hook for Tags, and 1 inch Key Ring. Check out the images to see what each attachment looks like.

Not satisfied with these options? Contact us for more customization

Though we offer a lot of options for you to choose from when purchasing a nameplate, you might still not find exactly what you’re looking for. But that’s okay. We can accommodate further customization. Call us with what exactly you’re looking for and we will give you a quote on how much your specific nameplate will cost. We can add several different things to your nameplate; from unique logos and fonts to bigger text sizes and nameplate sizes, we’ve got you covered.

Need your nameplate in a hurry?

Though our standard shipping time is two weeks, we will make an effort to get it to you sooner if you so desire. Give us a call and we’ll do everything we can to get your nameplate to you as soon as possible.

Attachment Options:

Your bridle nameplates will be personalized down to the smallest detail. We offer eleven attachment options to complete the unique, personal look of your bridle nameplates: Nails, 2 sizes of Pop Rivets, Split Rivets, Wood Screws, Chicago screws, Halter Nail, Halter Nail and Washer, Saddle Plate Nails, S Hook for Tags, and 1 inch Key Ring.

Frame Options:

Please select a frame option for your bridle nameplate from the following choices: Notched, English, or Beveled. (See image for examples of the outline of each shape.)

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