Horse Name Plates to Identify Your Tack from Lost of Thief

Our horses are often just as much a part of the family as our kids or our pets. This is because of their gentle nature and because they are such remarkable animals. Those who have horses want to give them the very best. One way to make sure your horses feel special is by getting them each a personalized name plate. Horse name plates are available in many styles and shapes and come constructed in many different materials. offers a large variety of name and stall plates. Their most popular are the oval plates. The oval shaped plates come in both chrome and brass varieties in many different sizes. These are used most commonly to decorate a trunk or tack box. This gives your storage an added personal touch and will be loved by any horse enthusiast.

Oval plates are just one of the many options available on this website. Stall plates are also offered in many sizes. These plates come in either chrome or brass finish mounted on wood or made completely out of the metal of your choice (chrome or brass). These stall plates will accent your horse’s stall with the horse’s name or other information that you would like to include. The plates can hold up to three lines of text.

Name plates can also be customized for your horse’s halter, bridle, brow or saddle. These plates are custom made and personalized. They are available in different fonts, different cutout shapes (such as beveled, English style or notched) and include a fastener. They can also have up to three lines of engraved text.

The site is really a one stop shop for horse gear. They even carry large and small circular bridle tags. Engraved key chains in a variety of shapes and styles are also available. You might even find something for a different animal at your home who would like a new tag for their collar. Dog bone shaped tags are also for sale on the site.

All of these name plates are quite affordable. With virtually any size of plate available, any customer can find exactly what they are looking for in name plates. Decorate your horse stalls, tack box or other horse tack with personalized tags. This is also a great idea for those who travel to a lot of events. These plates make your expensive gear easily identifiable even in areas where lots of horses and tack might exist. This will keep you from getting your items misplaced or stolen because they can very easily be traced back to your barn if they are personalized.