Comparing KASK and Samshield Riding Helmets

Equestrians understand that safety is paramount in the world of horseback riding. A well-fitted, high-quality riding helmet is an essential piece of gear that can make all the difference in preventing head injuries. Two renowned brands, KASK and Samshield, have made their mark in the equestrian industry with their top-of-the-line riding helmets. In this article, […]

A Quick Guide to Horse Show Stable Setup

A Quick Guide to Horse Show Stable Setup

The horse stables are where your horse feels comfortable and may prepare for the show; however, it’s up to you to set up the area with style and organization.

Hunter Jumper and Equitation Horse Show Attire Rules

There are a lot of rules in the world of hunter jumper competition. We looked into the rulebook to find out the answers to our customers most common questions. Let’s make sure you are looking your best, and following the rules at your next horse show. These answers and excerpts are from the USEF Rulebook […]

Librarians on Horseback: Who Were They?

Heritage Large Tack Trunk in Walnut Stain on Stacker

Librarians on Horseback: Who Were They? In the 1930s, everything was different. There was no technology, no on-demand services that were available at the push of a button. Imagine that you were living during this time in rural Kentucky. One way to pass the time is to read a book—a very common pastime back then, […]