Horse Mounting Blocks – We all Need Them to Mount on our Horses!
Our mounting blocks come in a variety of sizes and colors to enhance their utility and their good looks. With two or three step options and!openings that provide storage for brushes, sprays and other small supplies, the use for these blocks will go beyond simply mounting a horse. You can use them as an aid to doing work around the stable or even cleaning your horse.
The wood finish blocks are a two step block that comes in a Walnut or Deep Cherry stain and finish. The interior and the exterior of these blocks can come finished. We also offer unfinished wood blocks to suit your needs. Chrome or brass trim can be added for further protection and beauty.
We also carry two step and three step in our vinyl line too that have slip resistant steps. The top step also serves as a lid to the storage compartment within which is perfect for grooming supplies and cleaners.
These boxes can also be locked with a padlock to ensure your gear and supplies are safe.
Every stable needs at least on horse mounting block, and you can invest in the mounting block that works best for you. There is a 2-step mounting block that you can use if you are moderately tall, or you can use a 3-step mounting block if you are fairly short.
Every horse mounting block is completely utilitarian in its design. These blocks are beautiful, and they are designed to provide storage space in the barn.
These mounting blocks are designed to look as beautiful as possible, and they have small trap doors that allow you to store brushes or cleaning supplies for your horse. The mounting block comes with a small lock that allows you to secure the items that you store in it, and the block can be used to get work done around the barn.

The mounting block is designed to allow you to get on your horse easily, and you can slide it around the horse when you are grooming.

The mounting block is a multipurpose tool that allows you to take care of multiple things around the stable. You can use it as a step stool when you are trying to reach something on the wall, and you can slide it back in the corner when you are done. The best two step or three step mounting block will look beautiful when left in the stable, and it will help you take care of your horse. You can mount your house more easily when you are ready, and the mounting block will lock away your grooming supplies.